Classic is always in fashion.
Andrey Tiutiunnyk, interior designer
The house in Petrovtsy village

We designed the interior of the house in Petrovtsy village. The total area of the house is over 280 sq.m. The only part of the house is represented here (the total area of kitchen and living room). The interior is made in classic style with the use of expensive and high-quality materials, which correspond to the status of the house and the status of its owner.

Stone, plaster and wood are those materials without which there is no any classic interior.
Andrey Tiutiunnyk, interior designer

We designed classic interior and exterior for the house, making them complementary. Based on the architectural project of the house we worked at planning solutions of the house, trying to improve it thanks to designing more ergonomic interior for specific costumers.


We appealed to classic interior solutions without which no one classic interior can`t be possible. We used columns and multilevel ceilings with moulding in plaster and decoration. The height of ceilings let us make multilevel lighting and to design the system of ventilation channels. Also we developed the idea of façade lighting and electrical connections called ‘smart house’, which was completely integrated into our design.


The heating of the house is provided thanks to floors, which get the heat from thermal pump. That`s why all floors on the ground floor made of tiles. Ceilings and walls made of decorative solid plastering from the company San Marco. Floors are covered with high-quality porcelain stoneware with Italian production. Almost all furniture in the house created according to individual orders.

280 m 2
Total area (total floor area)