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Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent

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We have started to work since 2008 as an association of
interior designers, architects and specialists.


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10 year

Our creative team has started to deal with interior design since 2008. It became not only usual job, but also an indispensable part of our lives. The gained experience and high-level of provision of the service helped us to become one of the most famous and the biggest interior design studios in Kiev.

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construction brigades

We have been embodying all ideas into the reality
for 10 years. We have all necessary specialists.

We do our job accordingly to the highest international standards. The confirmation of it is our membership in British Institute of Interior Design, one of the most authoritative interior designers` associations in the world.

If you do it right, it will last forever

Our clients are the owners of private and commercial real estate. We design private houses, apartments, offices, restaurants and shops. A lot of our clients have their own unique sense of style. That's why plain interiors aren't appropriate for them. They want to take part in design of their own unique interior, but because of the lack of time or being abroad. As a result, they fully rely on us.

Oleg Kiselev
Leave it better than you found it
Oleg Kiselev Andrey Tiutiunnyk
Dmitry Tiutiunnyk Anatoly Konkov
Anatoly Konkov
Iryna Selezneva
Tolia Lotoshko Victor Shusharin Sergey Rud
Konstantin Leshchenko Nikolay Feshchenko Pavel Marchuk
Nikolay Shram Gennady Korniychuk Eugeniy Pavliuk
Victor Prikhodko Vladimir Nakonechny Kostia Horodetsky
Practice safe design: Use a concept.
  • Budget planning
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • Co-working with suppliers
  • 3D visualization
  • Technical drawings
  • Selection of materials
  • Furniture design

Before the beginning of the work on design we plan the budget to propose immediately to our clients the best things of the list they can afford. Thanks to budget planning we can share cost, directing money on the most important items of renovation, and saving up due to things which are less significant.

We are interested in that our design will turn into reality. We take control over the all objects (construction sites) from the beginning to the end of renovation.

A certain part of our clients aren`t aware of quality characteristics of the materials or to appreciate the level of doing some things. There can be simple explanation like lack of time. We have got vast experience and are able to help you in this matter.

Furniture, lighting, curtains, stretch ceilings, windows and doors belongs to the sphere of the competence of different individual firms which feel the responsibility for their own area of expertise. We agree and comment the working process which is related to all contractors without breaking the common wholeness of design conception.

In order to the interior for our clients we visualize it in 3D Max. For the visualization we use real furniture, real materials and lightning. We manage to model it on our own. But the result is worth it.

We created drawings of communications and engineering systems in AutoCAD and Revit in order to turn the design into reality.

Selection of materials is extremely essential part of our working process. We help to select materials based on the network of suppliers which let us get desired results.

We often use out of the ordinary furniture or unit furniture. We design furniture on our own and our partners, in turn, are able to produce any upholstered furniture or cabinet furniture according to drawings.

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