The main thing in design is to create comfort without losing functionality and practicality.
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer
Apartment in Autograph residential

We designed a spacious apartment with an area of ​​156 m2. The apartment actually consists of two apartments: a two and three-room apartments, which we have combined. The design was carried out in a light modern style, in pastel, inconspicuous colors. Simple-shaped ceilings with LED lighting around the perimeter create lightness in the rooms. The walls are covered with different types of decorative plasters from the company Caparol.

We wanted to make the apartment functional
Andrey Tyutyunnik, chief of the project

Make an apartment divided into two different parts: male and female. Each part of the apartment should have its own bedroom and its own rest area.


On the floor was used a three-layer parquet board Timberwise (Finland), laid “herringbone” throughout the apartment. Both the kitchen and the bedrooms have the same type of flooring, which allows space to be continuous. Varnish which is covered parquet makes it more wear-resistant and waterproof in comparison with the coating of oil-wax.


The interior is filled with decorative elements on the walls - this is the Orac (Belgium) decor, different types of decorative plasters, acrylic stickers and photo wallpapers. Also, the interior is quite colorful, as it uses a group of 4 colors.

156 m 2
Total area (total floor area)