In order to create something new you have to use new methods
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer
Apartment in housing complex Starokyivsky

It is the apartment with unusual design. Its area is 93 sq.m. The apartment is located in Kyiv. Design created in contrast colors. There are features of art deco. The interior is a mixture of classic décor elements and modern interior solutions.

The harmony is the state which doesn`t need anything to add or to minus
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer

To design the interior of the apartment, located in Kyiv and make renovation in a certain style chosen by customer, keeping within budget.


The interior is full of mirrors, silver and elements of classic décor. It`s so-called ‘bohemian style’ which means the combination if incompatible things.


Doing the finishing we profusely used decorative solid plastering, covering with it walls and ceiling. On the walls we used patterns with mirror pasting. The ceiling consists of black stretch parts, which contrast with the rest of white flatness.

93 m 2
Total area (total floor area)