Sometimes food can be turned into cult
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer
Butcher shop Ratibor

We created the idea and designed the interior of the shop of meat products for single brand shop under Ratibor, locate in Chernihiv city.

We like to solve difficult tasks, facing with challenges
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer

To create memorable design for butcher shop. To make up brand-style of shop`s interior.


The composition if the interior is projected so that to emphasize directly on the product. The most important point in this case is products. Everything in the interior has to pay costumer`s attention to the goods, putting an accent on them.


We used different décor elements which are similar to natural materials such as wood, stone and brick. The interior is plain, but also catchy and selling. Also we used our groundworks connected with lighting design. It helped to make the interior more expressive.

96 m 2
Total area (total floor area)