The main peculiarity of the apartment is spacy kitchen studio
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer
The apartment is located in Bohdanovska Street

A small apartment is situated close to historical center of Kyiv and Central railway station so that you can access there on foot. The total area of the apartment is around 86 sq.m. The design is done within modern stylistics with the usage of wide range of grey colors and so-called Nordic colors.

We want to create the interior which could be the point of pride.
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer

To project design of modern apartment in accordance with colors and style which costumer likes. Each room has to have some special thrill and simultaneously be an integral part of the whole conception, without breaking it.


We used environmentally sound and visual plain material solutions. The primary goal was the creation of soft color palette of the apartment where all colors make special composition without bright and dim spots


One of the most interesting places in the apartment is world map which you can see directly on the concrete wall. This wall is constructed of concrete slabs, attached to the walls with a help of anchor. The picture created thanks to decorative solid plastering, using various tints and texture. We did the picture of the land visually emphatic regarding ocean. For the walls we used different decorative solid plastering such as Ottocento, Marsielle wax, Venetian plaster.

86 m 2
Total area (total floor area)