We yearned to surprise our clients pleasantly!
Andrey Tiutiunnyk, interior designer
Apartment in housing complex Town

It is three-room flat with two bedrooms, two sanitary facilities and kitchen living-room. The total area of the apartment is (approximately) 90 sq.m. It is located in housing complex Comfort Town (Kyiv city, Regeneratorna St.). Color solution and style are absolutely ambiguous. From the one hand, color palette, materials and texture turns into each other and go together, making soft color picture. From the other hand, this interior is unforgettable and attractive.

We like to solve difficult tasks, facing with challenges
Andrey Tiutiunnyk, interior designer

To make interesting design for young family, taking into the account the fact that all the materials have to be chosen regarding increased wear resistance and for the affordable price. To make renovation with accordance to agreed budget, not to exceeding it.


The key point of this interior is kitchen living-room, separated with sliding glass system. From the one hand, the space isn`t disrupted. The light penetrates here without restriction, not dividing accommodation. From the other hand, we made two various spaces, which you can split on request.


Such kinds of interiors as interiors with a big range of color palette are the most complicated for doing, but also interesting. Obviously, it is plain task to design interior, using two colors. More difficult task is usage five colors, doing completed composition without domination one color over another one.

90 m 2
Total area (total floor area)