The main idea of this house is creation of the big and panoramic kitchen living room.
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer
The house in Zabuchie village

This house is situated in Zabuchie village, not far away from Kyiv. The house was designed so that all outer walls are rounded. Round exterior and internal walls made sharp corners. There were no places for furniture arranging or domestic appliances.

We redid each detail in this house.
Oleg Kiselev, interior designer

We faced with the objective of house designing in the spirit of modern stylistics. The interior had to be done in light colors and be fit to rural areas. From one side the house is attached to forest belt. There is a big territory around the house for making picnics and having rest.


The floor is made of matte tiles that are similar to wood. There is floor heating too. The floor around the stairs is covered with tiles like marble. The staircase is made of concrete. Its shape resembles entwined helix with wooden steps. The surface is covered with decorative solid plastering that looks like concrete of Australian production.


The walls are decorated with mirrors. It allows increasing the space. Also it helps to see your reflection without distortion as opposed to concave mirrors.

314 m 2
Total area (total floor area)