Oleg Kiselev
The most important is not to be afraid to experiment; something new is born in the experiment
  • Interior
    design. 01
  • Author's
    supervision. 02
  • Remedial
    work. 03
  • Interior design.
    Project design includes:

    – Proposals connected with accommodation reconfiguration and furniture arrangement.
    – Proposals within color scheme of each accommodation
    – Collages to the selections of furniture, lightning and materials
    – 3D interior visualization
    – Provision with the estimated budget related to the implementation of the project
    – Working project which involves a set of necessary drawings for making renovation

    The price for the creation of project design and interior designing is 30 dollars per 1 sq.m.

    Working process includes plans of walls dismantling and mounting, drawings of ceilings, walls, floors, electricity, sanitary engineering, plans of heating floor placement and conditioning system, packing diagram of the tiles, the information about materials finishing.

  • Author's supervision.
    Project design includes:

    – The assistance during materials selections
    – The control over the quality and correspondence between project works
    – Scheduling of engineering procurement with materials
    – Correction and addition to working project
    – Supervision of purchase related to lightning, furniture and sanitary engineering
    – Assistance during all processes which are necessary for project implementation
    – Assistance connected with primary decoration

    If you order the renovation services in another company for whatever reason, you can order author’s supervision.
    Author’s supervision costs about 15 dollars per 1 sq.m.

  • Remedial work.
    Project design includes:

    – Preparation of major and interim estate
    – Purchase and selection of primary and secondary materials
    – All kinds of renovation (electricity, sanitary engineering etc.)
    – Parget work (decorative solid plastering, painting, and decoration)
    – Furniture designing and order assistance

    The renovation price forms on the basic of project design. It depends on the complicity of the project and can be varied. The average amount is from 200 to 250 dollars per sq.m.